25 Motivational Quotes

Fit woman training with dumbbells.

Below are 25 stay healthy quotes to help you stay fit for anyone struggling to stay fit and healthy. Motivational quotes from amazing people who have walked the walk including people like Michael Jordan, Mahatma Gandhi and more. We don’t want you to focus on who said what but what the words mean to you.

1. “Fitness Is Not 30% Gym And 70% Diet. It’s 100% DEDICATION To The Gym And Your Diet”.
2. “You Don’t Have To Be Great To Start. But You Have To Start To Be Great”.
3. “Every Time You Eat Or Drink; You Are Either Feeding Disease Or Fighting It”.
4. “In 2 Weeks, You’ll Feel It. In 4 Weeks; You’ll See It. In 8 Weeks; You’ll Hear It”.
5. “When You Feel Like Stopping, Think About Why You Started In The First Place”.
6. “You Are Far Too Smart To Be The Only Thing Standing In Your Way”.
7. “I Already Know What Giving Up Looks Like. I Want To See What Happens If I Don’t”.
8. ”Because The Next Few Months Will Go By No Matter If You Workout Or Not. Make Them Count. … As If You Need Another Reason To Get Healthy.”
9. “If It Comes Down To One Simple Thing: How Bad Do You Want It?”
10. “If You Want Something You’ve Never Had, You Must Be Willing To Do Something You’ve Never Done.”
11. “Strength Does Not Come From Physical Capacity. It Comes From An Indomitable Will”.
12. “The Last Three Or Four Steps Is What Makes The Muscle Grow. This Area Of Pain Divides The Champion From Someone Else Who Is Not A Champion. That’s What Most People Lack, Having The Guts To Go On And Just Say They’ll Go Through The Pain No Matter What Happens.”
13. “No Matter How Many Mistakes You Make Or How Slow You Progress, You Are Still Way Ahead Of Everyone Who Isn’t Trying.”
14. “Making Excuses Burns Zero Calories Per Hour.”
15. “One Of The Greatest Moments In Life Is Realizing That 2 Weeks Ago, Your Body Couldn’t Do What It Just Did.”
16. “Running Is Nothing More Than An Argument Between Two Parts Of Your Brain That Wants To Keep Running And The One That Wants To Keep Going.”
17. “The Same Voice That Says, “Give Up” Can Also Be Retrained To Say “Keep Going”.”
18. “Fitness Is Not About Being Better Than Someone Else… It’s About Being Better Than You Used To Be.”
19. “Never Give Up On A Dream Because Of The Time It’s Going To Take To Accomplish It. The Time Will Pass Anyways.”
20. “Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone.”
21. “The Body You Wish For Will Always Live In Your Imaginations. Workout And Determination Are The Keys To Bringing It In Front Of Your Mirror.”
22. “Your Body Can Stand Almost Anything. It’s Your Mind That You Have To Convince.”
23. “Respect Your Body. It’s The Only One You Get.”
24. “We Are What We Repeatedly Do. Excellence Then Is Not An Act But A Habit.”
25. “I’ve Missed More Than 9,000 Shots In My Career. I’ve Lost Almost 300 Games. Twenty-Six Times I’ve Been Trusted To Take The Game-Winning Shot And Missed. I’ve Failed Over And Over And Over Again In My Life. And That Is Why I Succeed.”