CoQ10: What is, Benefits, and Uses

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CoQ10: What is, Benefits, and Uses

Also known as Coenzyme Q10, CoQ10 is a compound that our bodies produce naturally and is essential for important processes such as cell growth and maintenance; however, this compound tends to decrease with age. Here are some benefits of supplementing your body with CoQ10

CoQ10, short for Coenzyme Q10 is a common compound in several supplements and cosmetic products, and it’s because its varied role in many essential body processes.

Also known as ubiquinol, is a known and potent antioxidant that is related to energy production, cell maintenance, and growth, and it might be related to preventing cellular damage from free radicals responsible for aging and getting sick (1).

CoQ10 is naturally produced for our bodies, but it tends to decrease with age and in the presence of some health conditions such as diabetes, cancer, brain disorders, and cardiovascular diseases (2).

Benefits of CoQ10

CoQ10 plays an important role in our organism, these are some of its functions:

  1. Helps the mitochondria to generate energy for our bodies by producing ATP (3)
  2. Serves as an antioxidant protecting our cells from oxidative damage (4)

Since oxidative damage can intervene in regular cell functioning, is important to fight CoQ10 depletion by supplementing it (5).

Why do you need CoQ10 supplementation?

CoQ10 can be found in food like nuts, fish – such as sardines, tuna, mackerel, or salmon -, vegetable oils, and meat; however, the amounts present in them are not enough for our organism demands; which is why is so important to take daily CoQ10 supplementation.

Science has shown that CoQ10 supplementation may help to improve some health conditions such as:

  1. Cardiovascular diseases:heart failure condition may improve with CoQ10 use by improving heart function, producing more ATP, and protecting heart cells from oxidative damage (6).
  2. Some studies affirm that CoQ10 may improve diabetes by controlling bad cholesterol levels and decreasing the risk of heart disease (7).
  3. Migraines:It has been shown that CoQ10 might decrease inflammation by improving mitochondrial function, thus reducing the pain and periodicity of migraines (8). CoQ10 might also aid to prevent migraines and headaches as well (9).
  4. Might have anti-aging properties:cellular damage due to environmental agents and chronic stress can cause premature aging signs to appear. By applying CoQ10 directly to your skin you can protect your skin and decrease wrinkles (10).
  5. It might protect you from cancer:oxidative stress causes important cell damage, hence affecting its proper function. Oxidative stress is related – as well to low levels of CoQ10 – to a higher risk of developing cancer (11). CoQ10 may protect cells from it while promoting energy production promoting cell health, regeneration, and survival (12).

How to supplement with CoQ10 properly?

CoQ10 comes in two forms: ubiquinol and ubiquinone.

CoQ10 supplement from Althiology comes with 200mg of CoQ10 per capsule, giving you the recommended CoQ10 dose for daily intake (13). Moreover, CoQ10 cannot be stored in our organism, which means that daily supplementation is needed to see some benefits (14).

 Additionally, Althiology’s CoQ10 counts with these benefits:

✓ Aids In The Production Of Energy*

✓ Supports cells*

✓ Acts as a Powerful Antioxidant*

Althiology’s CoQ10 is also produced in FDA-registered and GMP-certified facilities as well as tested by a 3rd party laboratory to reassure its purity, potency & quality. Shop Alethiology’s CoQ10 supplement here.